Organize your space. Organize your life.

Space Solutions LLC

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For Livable and Productive Spaces

Space Solutions LLC in Hopewell, Virginia is a professional organizing business. Aside from removing clutter that has accumulated in your space, I offer counseling, consulting, and teaching services to residential and commercial clients. Ideal customers are adults who have areas in their homes or businesses that have accumulated clutter that they can no longer manage, or have issues managing time, finances, and/or information. I am also able to assist businesses with issues such as workspace, workflow, and information/project management.

Mission Statement 

My goal is to inspire each individual to live greatly through the power of organizational systems. I’ll support clients in bringing order and harmony into their everyday lives by helping them organize their belongings, time, workflow, finances, and more. As your go-to professional organizer, I’m dedicated to selflessness, integrity, and excellence.

Mrs. Miles offered support and technical knowledge in a clear and professional manner. The process was broken down in phases and goals, which helped me maintain momentum. I wish there were two Mrs. Miles!

-Elaine W.

                                                                                              Why Choose Me 

Gloria is an awesome organizer!! As a former co-worker, I can say for sure she can get it together!!

-Laura S.

You won’t find anyone else who has the same amount of passion for organizing as I do. I understand the importance of having systematic approaches to accomplishing tasks in life, which is why I will not only organize your home or business but I will also get you thinking like an organized person. When you take advantage of my services, you’re assured that each area of your residential or commercial property will be neatly organized with systems created to meet your individual needs!