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Coaching and Consulting

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."

Let's talk about your future.

To teach you how to think and function as a more organized person, over the course of 5 weeks you and I will:

Evaluate Your 


Balancing the demands of life can be difficult. An important part of managing life effectively is being aware of what your demands actually are and evaluating how you complete tasks. Taking a deep look into your current habits and how you spend your time will allow us to see where you can improve.

Assess Your True 


Many times we fail at achieving our goals simply because the goals we set weren't properly tailored to our specific needs. By assessing your needs accurately and understanding how they relate to your overall goals, we will be able to plan the action steps necessary  for you to be successful.

See Your 


After we idealize and methodize the actions you need to take, we will implement the plan one step at a time. We'll use the remaining program time to assess your progress and make revisions as needed. At the end of 5 weeks you will have all the tools necessary to allow you to see your goals come to life!


 Free Discovery Call required prior to booking.

Coaching Program


(3) 45-minute sessions

(2) 20-minute follow-up sessions

5 weeks duration

$299 due at booking

$200 due at 2nd session

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